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I’ve began my quest in my $200 Affiliate Marketing Challenge with the purchase of the ShoeMoney System for affiliate marketing.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been reviewing Jeremy’s ShoeMoney system, taking notes, and developing my own action plan.

The Shoemoney System is geared towards everyone. When I mean everyone, I mean anyone regardless of their computer skills. You are given a huge home manual that walks you through the different steps PLUS you’re given access to a library of action videos that show you how to accomplish many of the tasks Jeremy outlines in the manual.

What I love best about the ShoeMoney System

What I love best about the ShoeMoney System is that it’s not just about affiliate marketing. It’s about making money online and Jeremy shows you a number of different ways to accomplish that. At first this threw me off. I was like, “why is he showing me all this different stuff”?

After I completed the program, stepped back, this is what I took from it. Jeremy is basically taking

you through the exact steps he went through to become successful. Essentially, he created a site that gave away a free digital product. This site had huge traffic and when he began monetizing that site he began making money. While that was happening he shared everything he was learning about affiliate marketing on a popular forum where he developed a small following. From there, was developed and he moved his following to his own site. The rest is history. My point is, if you look at the structure of the ShoeMoney System, it sort of follows his success story which is neat. He’s so passionate about what he does that is shows through in all of the material. That alone give you a huge motivational boast rather than having the “I’m being marketed” feeling.

Like I mentioned above, the system pretty much follows his success story. He recommends developing a niche blog that you’re passionate about followed by how to draw traffic to that blog. Additionally, he does show you how to make easy money with eBay and Facebook which is all followed up with how to develop your own digital product. The program is an evolving program meaning he does add more content as time goes on.

At the time I purchased this program on sale for $20. This was a drastic price reduction. I jumped on it and I’m glad that I did.

If you’re interested, The ShoeMoney System may still be available for $20 here. It’s a great deal since he does show you a number of money making opportunities but you also receive a number of coupons that have some great value. For my starting out, the domain, web hosting, and Facebook Ad coupons had the most value.

Moving forward, for the purposes of my own $200 Affiliate Marketing Challenge, I decided to stick with 1 form of affiliate marketing that I learned about through his program, Facebook Ad Marketing.

The reason I choose Facebook Ad Marketing is because

  1. I received a $50 coupon from the ShoeMoney System
  2. I have experience with PPC marketing
  3. You receive fast results/feedback.

My next step is to land a few affiliate accounts, setup my Facebook Ad account, find a offer to market, then test.

$200 Affiliate Marketing Challenge

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Affiliate marketing isn’t 100% new to me. I’ve been in the digital media business for over 7 years now. I’ve always had a want to do it but with other projects at hand, I never really sat down and completed any specific challenge till I made money.

This year I’d like to change that. I’ve got the itch to do it and I’m ready to make it happen. I currently have another affiliate type project in the works but the $200 challenge I’m claiming is strictly a personal challenge. I will not use business funds to start this venture nor will I claim anything under my company name. It’ll all be done under my personal name only starting with $200.

My inspiration is coming from past and previous 30 Day Challenges and the most recent ShoeMoney Affiliate System. I’ll also pull some experiences from my own personal media and marketing background in regards to media buying, creative development, and HTML programing.

So this is it, my claim that I will accomplish this. It is written and now I’m committed. I will be posting every step of my venture here with the results and failures of each.

2/14/2011 – $200

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Setting Up

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Ahhhh, I think I get everything setup here at I promised myself I’d keep it simple and not go overboard. I love this theme for its simplicity. I can’t wait to fill it with posts.

At any rate, this post is my first. I may add some sharing plugins but for the most part it’s ready.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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