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MeWhat the hell is dadaBoom? In all honesty, I wish I knew myself. “dadaboom” is a name my first born son gave me when he first started talking. Oddly enough it’s kind of catchy and I thought it would make a great name for my blog.

So why a blog? It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do. I do a ton of stuff online, including making money, so why not share it all here. dadaBoom will eventually harbor all of my online “geeky” ways. My occupation in digital media puts me on the computer for a great deal of my day developing sites, creating creative, marketing, budgeting, and reading theĀ latestĀ in technology. I’m a huge fan of many tech blogs and a pretty big gadget freak. I buy, sell, and research pretty much everything online. Overall, my plan is to share what I find interesting from my own adventures in life, on the web, and my own marketing follies here for anyone to view. If anything, this will become my own research area for everything I find interesting or have an opinion about.

That is pretty much about it. Everyone is welcome and free to comment on anything. Enjoy!


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